Kendall Square Initiative

Since 2010, MIT has been working with the broader community to advance a proposal to bring new vibrancy and diversity to Kendall Square — the most innovative square mile on the planet. This comprehensive five-year process, involving the MIT and Cambridge communities and benefitting from several critical studies, has served to shape the Kendall Square Initiative. As a result, MIT is now poised to deliver a dynamic blend of uses in this area, including housing, lab and research space, retail, innovation space, open space, and a dedicated facility for the MIT Museum.

The Institute’s process will turn a collaborative vision into a reality. By transforming five MIT-owned parking lots into a mix of lively uses, the Institute will contribute significantly to enhancing the life and character of the local community and will advance the pace of life-changing science by attracting innovative companies and strengthening vital collaborations within the Kendall Square ecosystem.

We invite you to explore the details of the Kendall Square Initiative, including:

  • Priorities: Community input significantly influenced key elements of the plan, including housing, retail, open space, historic integration, and innovation space.
  • PlanningThe inclusive process has brought various stakeholders together to create a collaborative vision.
  • News: MIT is engaged in the design and construction phase of the Initiative and will proceed with the public review process. Visit the news section to read about key progress points. 
  • Construction updates: Visit the coUrbanize site to view or subscribe to regular construction updates for the Kendall Square Initiative projects.