East Campus Steering Committee

The East Campus Steering Group meets at key milestones to provide input and guidance to the East Campus/MIT Gateway project management team. The Steering Committee is responsible for reaching out to MIT faculty, the MIT community, and the Cambridge community to obtain input.


Martin Schmidt, provost [co-chair]
Israel Ruiz, executive vice president and treasurer [co-chair]
Deborah Ancona, Seley Distinguished Professor of Management
Eran Ben-Joseph, professor and department head, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Peter Fisher, professor, Department of Physics
Karen Gleason, associate provost for space
Steven Marsh, managing director of real estate
Christine Ortiz, dean of graduate students
Sam Rodriques, graduate student
Hashim Sarkis, dean, School of Architecture and Planning
Anthony P. Sharon, deputy executive vice president
Yo Shavit, undergraduate student
James Wescoat, professor, Department of Architecture

Staff support

Richard Amster, director of campus construction
Thayer Donham, senior planner
Michael Owu, director of real estate
Dennis Swinford, director of campus planning

East Campus/MIT Gateway Project Management Team

This group is responsible for coordinating actions of the multiple project teams and user groups. The group will review the activities of the multiple site teams to ensure they follow Building Committee and MITIMCo objectives and performance measures for program, schedule, and cost. The group will frame decisions for the Building Committee and MITIMCo so that the impacts of decisions are evaluated for each site as well as in the context of the overarching plan for the gateway area. 


Karen Gleason, associate provost for space
Anthony P. Sharon, deputy executive vice president
Michael Owu, director of real estate
Arne Abramson, director of projects, Department of Facilities
Thayer Donham, senior planner
John Dunbar, assistant to the provost for space planning
J. Meejin Yoon, professor and department head, Department of Architecture

Committee on Campus Planning

The Committee on Campus Planning serves as the standing faculty advisory body to the MIT administration on campus planning. It provides faculty perspectives and counsel on campus planning issues, including but not limited to future academic and research needs of the community. The committee seeks to understand the needs of the faculty for the campus environment and ensure communication with the faculty on important matters related to the MIT campus and surroundings. The chair of the committee serves ex officio on the MIT Building Committee, and members may be called upon to serve on task forces and/or other ad hoc committees concerned with campus planning.

Membership (PDF)